If It’s Not Funny, Is It Racist?

Can racism be defined in black and white terms (no pun intended) or is it subject to interpretation?

As a Korean adoptee growing up in Iowa, I remember numerous times when kids pulled back the corners of their eyes as a way to make fun of me. Decades later the men’s & women’s Olympic basketball teams from Spain are being called racist for having done this same gesture in a pose for photographs to be used in a publicity campaign for one of their sponsors. Continue reading


The Gold Standard

“The main consideration was the national interest. The child on the screen should be flawless in image, in her internal feelings and in her expression.”

This statement made by the Beijing musical director on local radio stuns most of us. Turns out the 9 year-old cutie in the red dress who “sang” in the Olympic opening ceremony was lip synching for a 7 year-old whose smile was not considered as beautiful as her voice.

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