Nickel & Diming the Troops

Whenever I travel I compare my luggage to that scene in Titanic when they show the poor guy who has to load several trunks just for one person. That was in the old days of course, and I’m not talking about Titanic, I’m talking about the days back in early 2008 when I could pack one bag just for my shoes.

Soldier's Boots

I really do hate the new nickel and diming policies of the airlines, but flying in itself is really a luxury we’ve just learned to take for granted in the last decade or two. If we’re gonna jet set around the world I guess we’ll just have to suck it up and pay the price, right?

Lucky for me my last airline trip a few weeks ago was to the beach and all I really needed were flip-flops. Good thing I’m not a soldier reporting for duty in Iraq, I bet just one of their boots eats up half the weight allowance of the one free bag. Continue reading