Who’s Tricking, Who’s Treating?

When you’ve got more than 300 ghosts and goblins ringing your doorbell, one is just thankful not to live in the busy part of the neighborhood! That being said, the numbers alone would suggest this time-honored tradition is out of control.
Dorothy & Baby Bop 1996

For the last five years we’ve been invited back to the neighborhood we used to live in.  Our host’s house is in the 400 beggar area, about 200  princesses shy of the busy street.  If you live in the area with up to 600 trick-or-treaters, probably not a good idea to hand out king-size candy bars.  Even with the bite-size version, one needs five to six warehouse-size bags of candy.  With such high numbers you only give out one piece and there’s no time to let them choose!  
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Can I Just Vote “Present”?

All one has to do is look at our two candidates to understand voting is a privelege and a right not to be taken for granted.  When Barack Obama was born in 1961, it would still be four years before black people were even given the right to cast a vote and John McCain spent several years as a POW defending the principles of this country. But if I am truly undecided, is it responsible for me to vote just for the sake of casting a vote? Continue reading