Qualifications & Judgement

This presidential race has me reflecting on my own life.  Could I have made choices a few years ago that might have catapulted me into a position to be running for one of the two highest offices in the country?  I hate to admit it, but I’m much closer to the age of one presidential and vice presidential candidate than I’d prefer to be. 

Come to think of it, I could use a new job.  If they are able to run for the two highest offices in the country on their experience, I’m thinking a job search for me should be pretty easy if I just set my sights a little bit lower.  

Now granted, I haven’t been a Mayor, Governor or Senator, but history proves you can get the position with a bit of wrestling, acting or stand-up comedy on your resume. What have I done that might impress a future employer?

Not sure if I could call myself a community organizer, but I’ve done a lot of work for the community. Taught sign language at a Boys & Girls Club for several years. Director of a small non-profit foundation whose focus was a big brother/sister type of program for inner city and lower income kids.  Done a lot to advocate on behalf of international adoptee issues.

Journalist for a few years.  Worked behind the camera, in front of the camera and sometimes both simultaneously. Even interviewed six candidates running for president in the last two elections. Two the nominee for their party.

Gymnastic mom for twelve years, seven of those as a single parent. All day-to-day operations are left to me since I don’t have the luxury of cabinet members.  No wonder I’m not working in broadcast news anymore, but would it surprise you to learn I didn’t become a journalist until after the divorce?

I’m driven and determined, but priorities being what they are, I couldn’t sacrifice my kids for a career.

You can add chauffeur to my resume.  Open-enrolled my two daughters in a different school district (education is important) so it’s 10 miles each way, before construction detours. Gymnastics (10 miles each way) was one or both girls five nights a week.  Now they’re in school productions so there’s play practice 4-5 days a week.  

Even so, I’ve managed to be the director of operations for a local online registration company for the last three years. Because I can work from anywhere with internet access it’s been more flexible, but the office is another fifteen miles each way.  If you do the math, that’s 500 plus miles a week.

They say we need a candidate whose judgement we can trust.  Given how things are in our country and the world, there isn’t enough money or prestige that would make me want to take over the Oval Office.  Doesn’t the fact these two (or four) would like to, make you wonder about their judgement?

I hate putting a resume together, trying to make sure I sound important and intelligent enough to move up in the world.  However, based on qualifications and experience, I’m thinking I look pretty darn good.  Is there any employer out there who would like to hire someone who it seems could be qualified to be president or vice president, even though she doesn’t plan to run?


Your turn to ponder!

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