You Might Be a Facebook Ho II

Gallary of "Friends"Yesterday I updated my status (I refuse to acknowledge the change to, “what’s on your mind”) and noted I had just cleaned up my Facebook and removed a few “friends” along with the link to You Might Be a Facebook Ho If…  I had a couple friends comment they were glad to make the “cut” and one who wanted to play the game and add a few things he’d learned in his short couple of weeks on Facebook.

I honestly hadn’t meant to imply I was  randomly deleting friends, but in an effort to be true to my own observations in FB Ho I, I felt the need to clean house, so to speak.  I admit, a few actions on that list were things I had done myself, so some of the laughs were at my own expense.

In all seriousness, I’m not the first to cut back on number of FB “friends” and some folks are even deleting their profiles altogether because of privacy concerns over social networking sites.  I would say most concerns are fairly baseless because each person controls what is put on their page and who gets to see it.  Of course a good rule of thumb for anything on the internet (or texted via cell phone) is to not consider it private (which includes all e-mail).  Most of us don’t lead lives exciting enough to warrant “big brother” looking over our shoulder (or god forbid, hacking into our Facebook accounts), but technically, if any branch of law enforcement should deem it necessary, everything leaves a real footprint that can be found if need be. But the more likely scenario is you’ll piss off someone you consider a real friend who will then copy, paste and forward everything you’ve put out there in e-land.

Facebook Ho?

That brings me back to my Facebook clean up. From day one I’ve had the rule not to accept or send friend requests to people I’ve never met face-to-face (though for whatever reason, a couple have probably gotten through). However I’ve totally enjoyed reconnecting with a different group of people from my past almost monthly, which is accompanied by a flurry of wall posts that brings a lot of laughs and memories.  For me, it’s got to be about more than just the numbers.  

I can’t be the only one who has a few FB “friends” with whom there’s been no exchange beyond the initial confirmation of the friend request.  There’s no way to keep up with everyone, but I do try to make sure I reply to comments or messages left on my page.  And while the things I post on my Facebook are anything but private, they are meant for people who have at least a slight interest as to what I’m up to.  If one doesn’t feel the need to ever reply to any messages or comments, then why bother confirming the friend request to begin with?  

With that in mind, to honor Kurt (my friend in real life AND cyber space) here’s his Foxworthy-ish musings!

You might be a Facebook Ho if  you “friend” someone who never liked you in high school (or vice versa).

You might be a Facebook  Ho if you don’t remember why you “friended” this person.

You might be a Facebook  Ho if you really think you will hurt their feelings if you ignore their “friend” invitation.

You might be a Facebook  Ho if your feelings are hurt if someone actually ignores your “friend” invitation.

You might be a Facebook  Ho if you actually have to ask whether they remember you in your “friend” invitation (unless you’ve changed your name since you last saw them).

You might be a Facebook  Ho if you sadly realize that you have nothing to say to them after they accept your “friend” invitation.

You might be a Facebook  Ho if you “friend” the sibling of a friend, and then realize that your first communication with them can’t be “So how’s your sister/brother and where are they now?”

If the shoe fits...

Kurt this could be never ending, so here’s a couple more that come to my mind:

You might be a Facebook ho if someone else updates your status (especially if you don’t even know the password to your own profile).

You might be a Facebook ho if someone else confirms your friend requests (but I guess it gets you off the hook for lack of interaction thereafter).

So maybe we’re not meant to be Facebook friends…doesn’t mean you can’t follow me on Twitter!

Want to fess up to your own Ho-ish behavior?  Feel free to use the comment section below.


Your turn to ponder!

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