Susan Boyle, Never Been Kissed

Everyone is raving about how moved they were by contestant Susan Boyle’s performance of  “I Dreamed A Dream” on the reality show “Britain’s Got Talent”.  The story of the singing career this feisty gal wants is nothing short of a dream, just like something you’d see in the movies.  Only the movie I’m thinking of doesn’t have anything to do with singing.  Just before this 47 year old woman went on stage she blushed and said she’d never been kissed.  

Susan Boyle "Britain's Got Talent"

To everyone’s surprise the lady can sing, it’s what makes her story so amazing.  Based on her matronly look, the audience was waiting for her to become Simon Cowell’s latest punching bag.  What business could a spinsterly, unemployed woman who is nearly fifty have on a show featuring amazing talent? Cleary Cowell was ready to put the poor lady out of her misery, until she opened her mouth.  

To their credit, the audience immediately broke out in wild applause as the stunned judges picked their jaws up off the floor.  Susan is the ultimate lesson learned about wrongly judging a book by it’s cover before you read it.  I’m guessing singing for the Queen is something she never dared put on her bucket list, but I can’t stop thinking about the fact she’s never been kissed.  

Never experienced one of life’s most simple pleasures.  Never felt those heart fluttering sensations only a kiss can bring.  Never had the experience of a reciprocal crush?  

"Never Been Kissed"

Just like Drew Barrymore’s movie, “Never Been Kissed”, I hope Susan meets a true prince of a guy and the wait will have been worth it.  When I get beyond the sadness for what she’s missed out on, I can’t help think in today’s over rated single scene, maybe Susan is actually the lucky one. With all the attention she’s getting, one dream might just help realize another for this unassuming Brit.  But watch out men if you think you can take advantage of this lady with the angelic voice, cause now the world has “got her back”!


3 thoughts on “Susan Boyle, Never Been Kissed

  1. Did you notice the show even supered her as “Susan Boyle/Unemployed 47 years old”? Every aspect of her look was set up for a bluper reel! Like your take on the story Kat. Now the Brit tabloids are reporting that the men are calling!!

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