Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror

Where were you on Thursday, June 25th when you heard the news Michael Jackson had passed away?

I’ve never been a Michael Jackson fan per say, but songs like I’ll Be There or ABC bring a smile to my face. I love Ben, who the heck cares that it’s about a rat? During a recent move I came across the album Off the Wall, too bad I don’t have a record player anymore.

Off The Wall

As expected, the death of Jackson has dominated the news the last few days. Many people are crying hypocrisy, after all many of the same media folks singing MJ’s praises are the same ones who referred to him as Wacko Jacko when he was alive. It is strange given in the last decade, very few would outwardly admit to being a fan of Michael, but clearly the majority of people now want to reminisce and pay homage.

I think his death has given us a permission of sorts to remember and mourn the Michael Jackson we grew up with. He was such a cute boy and handsome young man, but somehow couldn’t see the same man in the mirror most of us saw. It is sad that Michael may not have realized how admired he was for his musical prowess, but given his penchant for strange and unpredictible behavior in the last couple of decades, it’s understandable why few were willing to risk their own reputations by speaking out on his behalf.  His passing allows us to concentrate on the musical genius Michael was and to pay tribute to his accomplishments that have paved the road and opened doors that will effect untold generations to come.  Continue reading