Google Voice – One More Reason to Jump on the Google Bandwagon

Why, oh why didn’t I buy stock back when Google was just a little start-up company?  It was considered start-up at one time, yes?  I always say the computer and I are on a need to know basis, but Google goes a long way in making me appear tech-savvy.

I admit, I held out for quite awhile thinking there was no way Gmail could be as safe as pulling AOL or MSN into Outlook.  What if they lost my e-mail or even worse, what if someone at Google might be hacking into my Gmail trying to discover all those state secrets I don’t know?  I realized equating the internet (more specifically Gmail) with the likes of the boogie man was merely a figment of my imagination, and those lurking creatures on the world wide web are about as dangerous as the ones under my bed.  So I turned my soul over to Google, because they keep creating all these wonderful applications (for lack of a better term) that not only make me look tech-savvy, they actually make my life easier.

IGoogle is my homepage because it gives me easy access to everything I need on the web in one place.  Gmail is way more than just e-mail since I can also IM (instant message), and voice or video chat in real time.  Google Calendar sends me e-mail reminders as well as SMS (text) which beats post-it notes everywhere, so I’m not late returning a book to the library, paying a bill or miss a hair appointment that was pre-booked six weeks earlier.  Google Docs comes in handy with no MSWord on my Mac, and since I don’t have Photo Shop, I rely on Google Images (how do you think I get all the pictures for this blog).


If you’ve somehow resisted the pull towards technology, they may just get you with Google Voice.  When I recently moved I dropped the land line (hard line, home phone, or whatever you want to call it), because I was paying for a service I rarely used.  Of course every time I have to fill out some type of form, it always asks for two numbers and I can’t help but wonder if I’m looked down upon for having only one.

No more!  As of last night I am back in the ranks of the two phone number family.  I heard about Google Voice several months ago, but after my friend got me all excited about this new service he then told me they weren’t handing out any new numbers.  It was kind of cruel to cause me to have Google envy when he knew there was no quick fix, but I did my research (yes, I Googled it) and found I could ask to be notified when they opened the service to the minions. Continue reading