Virtual Holiday Greeting 2009

Sometimes it’s all about setting the mood. Never mind that Christmas day itself is over. Before you go any further, click on my virtual fireplace below and let the music (of my oldest brother, Philip Pfaltzgraff) set the scene while you read on.

Speaking of virtual, my mailbox has definitely been more sparse this season and I can’t help but think Facebook has something to do with that. More folks are finally realizing being a bookie isn’t just for the kids. Of course the ability to catch up on any given day (sometimes several times) with friends from around the globe, could eventually make the Christmas card obsolete. If you don’t have my current address (we moved to a condo this past May, and have never appreciated it more than during this last snow storm), let me know. Cards and letters (even newsletters) are always better than bills or junk!

While some of what I have to share may be redundant for those following me via Facebook, Twitter or this blog, I’m pretty sure the odds of very many of my updates and tweets coming through to people with hundreds of friends, is slim.

Taylor and Chloe traded theater this fall to be varsity cheerleaders. They probably don’t realize how deeply cheerleading runs in their blood. As hard as it is for them to picture me as a cheerleader (so what if it was only one year and for girls basketball), it’s an even bigger stretch to picture Mama’ (Grandma Jo) with pom-poms! Who knew they were going from the second most dangerous sport (gymnastics) to the most dangerous (cheerleading)? I swear if they went to social services and showed them all their bruises, black eyes and nose bumps, I’d be top story at ten.

I must say cheerleading these days is nothing like I remember. In addition to cheering for football, they’re also a competitive team. Think ESPN. Speaking of which, they’ll be competing at the UCA Nationals in Orlando in February (last year’s team placed 5th). I would post a video of them cheering, but I wouldn’t want the spies to get a hold of what they’re doing, lest this give an edge to some competing team (or so the coaches tell me). Never thought I’d be going back to Disney World at this stage of the game, but at least we’ll get a reprieve from winter.

Taylor is a junior and can’t stand it when people ask her what she wants to do after high school. Despite all her enriched and AP courses, her obsession is fashion and undoubtedly she’ll end up in this world if she has her way. Designer (she sketched a beautiful collection for fashion class), editor of Elle (she’s in-depth editor of the school newspaper) or maybe a blog ala “Julie & Julia” (but for fashion, not food). Taylor may not know exactly what she wants to do, but she has her sights set on NYC, California, London and Paris. Looks like I’ll have some great places to visit in the future.

Chloe is a freshman who people think looks like the junior (much to her sister’s chagrin)! Her passion is music. She did a duet of Jason Mraz’s song “Lucky” in the spring concert and Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” for the talent show (click on the arrows in the video links if you want to hear her) . She also excels in her enriched schedule, but has no intention of pursuing a career in math or science. Between Apple’s Garage Band and iMovie, she may just have a future in composing and producing. Chloe is my social butterfly who wears her heart on her sleeve (yes, there is such a thing as a wonderful teenager, I happen to have two).

Come spring I expect both girls will make every effort to get into their school’s theater productions. When they gave it up in the fall for cheerleading, it was not without angst.

As of the end of August, Taylor is driving a cute little ’98 yellow bug (thanks to a nothing-like-Cinderella-step-mom). Her ability to drive has certainly changed my life (but the freedom hasn’t come without it’s share of concern at having a teen driver). I’m sure this next August Chloe will be “chomping at the bit” to get her permit as soon as she turns fifteen.

A year ago I wondered if my dad would be here to celebrate another Christmas. He and my mom have settled into a different type of life with him in the health care part of The Village, but there does seem to be some peace of mind amongst the inevitable changes. Papa’ will turn 87 in March, Mama’ will be 81 in May and they celebrated their 62nd anniversary in ’09!

I’m trying to stake out my little piece of the world wide web by posting (semi) regularly on this blog and my new video blog. Bookmark the pages so you can check back regularly. I also love it when you post your comments, so don’t be shy!

I cannot believe it was ten years ago we were all holding our breath over Y2K. Our lives are so busy and the time is just flying because we fill nearly every minute of each day. This holiday season take time to enjoy the ones you love.

Let me play out the final scene with this fun medley the girls recorded (click on play arrow in the video below).

Merry Christmas from ALL the Turner Girls!


3 thoughts on “Virtual Holiday Greeting 2009

  1. Hi folks

    Out little Toshiba is having trouble playing the sound tracks. And I feel bad that life has been so busy that I have not slowed down to listen to this yet. But how amazing it is to open this “virtual” card and hear the improv. Thank you so much for that blessing.

    Kat: you are doing a find job with the girls. And we rejoice in the opportunities that they have at the school.

    I reached all of the siblings (except “1”) over the past few days and that was good. It’s good to re-connect.

    We are not sure of our plans to head back to Iowa. Car issues with one of the vehicles.

    We love you and wish the best for the new year!

    “Older Brother Phil”

  2. Kim–what a nice letter. Where have the years gone? Is that you playing the guitar? Sure looks like you. We had a group over one night and sang Christmas songs just like the old times. Haven’t done that forever. Glad you’re all doing so well. After all the years of not being in Iowa for Christmas–we were the only ones at the folks this year.
    Have a great 2010 you girls–you all look great!

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