Angels & Demons a Disappointment

Each person entering had to lift their arms, spread their legs and have their entire body scanned with a security wand.  Cell phones were not allowed on the premises.  Every purse was searched.  If a phone was found it was confiscated and placed in a brown paper bag.  

Illuminati Ambigram

The Vatican is probably an easier place to enter than a sneak preview of Ron Howard’s latest film adaptation of Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” two nights before opening to the general public.  I know airport security is never so tight. They weren’t even interested in the Dr. Pepper, Sour Patch Kids, Milk Duds and Whoppers in our bag.  Note to paranoid studio heads; someone who’s willing to watch the cell phone pirated version of your movie was never going to buy a ticket in the first place.   Continue reading