Google: More Than Just a Search Engine

With everyone going ga-ga over Facebook and Twitter, Google seems like a distant memory as internet phenomenons go. Whether you’re rushing to jump on the social networking bandwagon, or totally confused about how “friending” became a verb or whether it’s a “twit” or a “tweet”, here are a few basics that may help keep you grounded while everyone is trying to turn your head.

Google Logo

The computer and I are pretty much on a “need to know basis”, which means I’m far from an expert, I just “play” one on the internet.  Unfortunately I don’t get paid for singing the praises of Google, but their applications help make me look pretty tech savvy. For anyone over 35 who has yet to get their feet wet online, or maybe you’ve just begun to test the waters, I want to encourage you to jump in and take the plunge! Continue reading


Facebook For Dummies

If you haven’t already heard, it’s perfectly kosher for folks over 35 to jump on the social networking bandwagon.  

Many of these users are braving new territory, but they aren’t quite sure how to maneuver through this latest internet phenomenon.  How does one  tailor the many features of Facebook to get maximum effectiveness for their specific needs?  Here are a few tips and guidelines to help anyone look like a professional bookie in no time!

Main Page

Some people are uncomfortable with the voyeuristic nature of Facebook, but you have complete control of what you post. After you set up your account the first thing you want to deal with are your account settings, located in the top right hand corner next to your name.

Clicking on the Privacy link lets you determine who can see what. On the privacy page, Profile lets you control who can see your profile and personal information.

Search controls who can search for you, and how you can be contacted. Continue reading